Colourpop Haul and Review

In the past year or so, I’ve been seeing Colourpop Cosmetics pop up on my social media feeds over and over and over. They get stellar reviews from nearly everyone, so I decided to give into the hype, and let me tell you, I went absolutely hog wild with makeup. I don’t regret it for a second.

Here is a picture of my entire haul (I will have individual shots and swatches with product details later on):


*Not pictured: foundation brush, and eyeshadow brushes.

I’ll start with the basics: foundation, concealer, and setting powder.

First up: No Filter Natural Matte Foundation My shade is Fair 15


The foundation comes in a small pump bottle. It was more liquidy than I expected, but still easy to apply. I used the medium foundation brush for initial application and blended it with a sponge. It is a medium to full coverage foundation, and I barely need concealer after it. The shade is a little off, since I’m slightly tan, but I ordered lighter on purpose so it’s right when the tan fades. The description says matte but it’s kind of dewy. It can get kind of oily throughout the day, but it’s been really hot out, so it could just be that and my oily skin.

Next: No Filter Matte Concealer in shade Fair 04

IMG-7093.JPG Excuse the dirty top, I get messy when I do my makeup. The concealer comes with an applicator, so I use that for initial application under the eyes and blemishes/dark marks. I the use the sponge to blend. This concealer is no joke. It’s probably one of the best concealers I’ve tried, and I have some serious eye bags to cover. You have to make sure to blend completely because it can crease under the eyes if you’re not careful. This is pretty full coverage and works like a charm, and only six bucks!

Last on the face: No Filter Loose Setting Powder in Translucent.

IMG-7092.JPG I always need some kind of powder to counteract my oily skin. This powder works well to set, for sure, but it doesn’t quite keep me matte all day. Again, though, take into account the fact that I’m walking in 90 deege heat with high humidity. I do stay oil free for a while.

To apply, I use the large powder brush to dust my face and extra oily areas.

Here is an picture of me wearing all three face products after a long day in heat and humidity. Held up amazingly, in my opinion. 

Up next is my favorite kind of makeup to buy: eyeshadow palettes.


I’ll start small, with my two four color palettes.

First contender: On The Daily (for some reason these two palettes aren’t coming up on the website)

IMG-7107On The Daily is a set of browns that are fittingly named, since you can wear them anytime. There are two shimmer shades and two matte shades. When I swatched some of these colors (on all the palettes I’m going to post) they don’t show up on my skin because they are too similar in color. Otherwise, these shadows are pretty pigmented; one or two swipes and you’re good to go.


The next palette is called No Limit:


These are also good for daily use, but I’m a sucker for pink shadows. These are just as pigmented and easy to blend as On The Daily. The first peachy shadow doesn’t really come through in the photo, but it’s good as a base color. The second shade from the bottom is my favorite shade. It’s hard to see in the picture, but it’s a medium pink with shimmery gold undertones, making for a really interesting shadow.

I also bought two bigger palettes. One for fun, because I never really experiment with bright colors, and the other as a staple of browns and neutrals.

I’ll start with the fun bright one, which is called Yes, Please.


I tend to match the main color(s) of my outfit to my eyeshadow, and I’m branching out into brighter shades such as yellow! This is the perfect palette to start out with in terms of bright colors. I like subtle, but cool makeup looks, and these colors are not uber pigmented, so it’s easy to achieve that style with these colors. This is such a fun palette to experiment with, and mixing these shades with the second big palette makes for some #looks.




The other big girl palette is called Double Entendre.

IMG-7112.JPG Sorry that the lighting is kind of crappy, I was having a hard time angling my body out of the way of the light. These are great colors for all occasions. There are some shimmers, but mostly matte. I love doing neutral toned looks because they are really low-key. These colors can stay low-key, or be amped up by some shimmer. It’s so versatile and that’s why I love it.





The last products will be lip products. I actually only bought one, the ultra glossy lip, but since my order was delayed, they threw in a full sized lipstick. How awesome is that?

I begin with the intentional purchase, the ultra glossy lip in Aquarius.


I don’t tend to go bold on lip products. I always feel like I’m overdoing it and it’s distracting from my true features, but that’s just me. It really enhances other people’s features, just not mine. I personally prefer gloss because it doesn’t usually dry out my lips and the shine gives extra umph to your pout. This color is just slightly different from my natural lip color, which is perfect. Again, I’m all about subtlety, especially in lips. This gloss is high shine and low stickiness. I may go as far to say that it’s the perfect gloss. Don’t @ me.



The last product, the super generous freebie, is a Lippie Stix in Toasty (I also can’t find this one on the site either, sorry guys).

IMG-7113.JPG I lucked out on the color of this one, if I’m being honest. It’s a great brickish color, that’s not too overpowering. It gives some life to my lips, but it’s not the only thing you notice about my face. This is a color I would lean towards if I were picking for myself, so good job Colourpop, you got me pegged!

To wrap up, I just have to say that I paid about $115 for all this plus six brushes. It’s all great quality so it’s a big win for me. I already have my next order planned when the Sol palette is back in stock, among other things. I highly suggest shopping with Colourpop. Another plus about them is that they are cruelty free! So go out and get some awesome makeup!

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