Photo-Op: All Time Low

Last Sunday, I saw one of my favorite bands live for the sixth time (never gets old) in New York City. All Time Low not only makes top notch music, they also put on a kickass concert, hence seeing them six times (even though I wish it was more). Their energy is almost contagious and their banter between songs is very entertaining. It also helps that their music has meant so much to me for a lot of my life, and hearing those songs sung live with such passion, surrounded by people who feel the same way about the music being played, is just incredible, there’s nothing quite like it.

I usually only take my phone to a concert to take pictures, but this time I decided I’d try to get my camera in. I tried to bring my camera to a concert once about five years ago and they turned me away, and I never tried again. However, I was inspired to try again this time. I was tired of crappy phone pics, so I decided to step it up. It was a really good decision, in my opinion. I spent the first few songs dancing and singing along without worrying about pictures, but I soon broke out my camera. I still was able to enjoy myself while taking pictures, in fact it may have made it more fun. It was hard, since I’m short and always manage to stand behind the tallest person at the show. I actually used my camera to see above the crowd most of the time.

Included in this post will be my favorites from the show. Be warned that most of them are of Alex, the lead singer, because he was in my direct line of site and not behind tall people. I tried my best to get all of the guys, but again tall people and hands and what not. Either way, enjoy seeing this concert through my lens!

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