Photo-op: Dazey LA

Photo-op is a segment in which I showcase my recent photography work and where I got the inspiration from.

This past Sunday, I went to local public places to take pictures (something out of my comfort zone) of my friend wearing an outfit I styled that was inspired by a small business called Dazey LA. The shirt is what struck me first. Not only is the design super cute, but it shares a message that is near and dear to me: Mental health matters. An instant add to cart moment. I searched further through the online shop and found this metallic silver scarf and knew it would go perfectly with this top. I thought to my current wardrobe to see what bottoms and could pair with it, since shopping for pants online is really hard for me. I thought of the ones pictured that a got at the beginning of the season, but had a similar style aesthetic to Dazey as a whole.

Dazey LA is a (hand)made to order “slow fashion” brand based in, you guessed it LA. Their goal is to empower women and minimize waste. Besides designing and sell their own clothing, they support other female entrepreneurs by selling their products on their site as well. I personally love the vibe of this company, both in their design aesthetic and their do-good attitude. Their photography is also very cool and colorful.

Their clothing carries catchy and inspiring messages while also being sustainable, not to mention being super stylish. I highly suggest checking them out (here), and if you end up buying something, use code JESSE927 for a discount.

*Disclaimer: this is NOT an ad. I just genuinely like their stuff and happend to be an ambassador, so I figured I’d slip in my code for a little financial help.

I was so inspired by their clothing that I planned this whole shoot. I had a friend be my model (forever grateful) and ended up getting some amazing shots and having a lot of fun. The best ones are below!


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