Why Hayley Williams from Paramore is My Style Icon

I consider my personal style quite eclectic. I go from grunge, to boho, to retro, and more. I love having versatility in my wardrobe so I can fit every mood.

Hayley Williams wraps all my fashion aspirations into one. When her band Paramore released their most recent album, After Laughter, in May of 2017, Hayley really nailed down her style. The best way to describe it is alt 80s, and it’s incredible.

She has always experimented with cool makeup and bold hair colors, but br74ought it to the next level with her vegan and cruelty-free hair dye company, Good Dye Young (how cool is that name, though?). They recently introduced a temporary hair dye called poser paste, which packs a punch to every stage (and off stage) look Hayley wears.11 Her friend and makeup artist/hairstylist, Brian O’Connor, creates many of these loo

ks. The glitter tears look is a big hit, as well as bright colored eye shadow looks that I wish I could pull off.12

All of these hair and makeup looks are just as awesome and colorful as her wardrobe. As I said, she has a lot of 80s inspired clothes, but they also reach into the grunge/alternative category.

22Hayley rocks vibrant oversize blazers with old band tees or silk button up shirts that are just as bright, velvet tanks with satin skirts, crazy patterned pants with a shirt of a different intense pattern, and everything in between.

1On stage, sometimes she’ll just wear opaque colored tights with an oversize top, and, let me tell you, it. works. Plus, she plays with jackets all the time, which really can add a lot to an outfit (I’m a big fashion jacket advocate). She takes trends and turns them on their head, which is something I really admire.


I love the fact that her style is “out there” while still being relevant. Hayley really makes every piece of clothing her own by what she pairs it with. The color and pattern combos, the hair pop, the retro spin, all of it is just so impressive to me. She has a taste that can only come naturally to a person.

I love Hayley as a person, I love her music, and I love her style. I wish I could embody the same kind of aura she emits.



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